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the award-winning team from Super App Bros

Our Mission

Life is about chasing dreams.

At Super App Bros, we’re inspired every day by people who wake up believing in themselves and believing that they are at the cusp of a world-changing creation.

We’re extremely happy and proud to be known as a leading innovation hub that hosts some of the greatest ideas, and we work tirelessly to bring these innovations into the success they deserve.

It’s the success you deserve.

At Super App Bros, we recognise that ideas separate us from one another, and execution is what drives us forward and into the future.

We want to be the decentralised hub of innovation, implementation and iteration that allows brilliant visionaries in all ends of the earth to make a difference.

There’s no cause too big or too small.

Whether you’re trying to calm a crying baby or trying to efficiently manage 30,000 employees, it all starts with a small step.

About Us

Super App Bros is a full stack development agency servicing entrepreneurs and businesses all around the world.

That means we offer services from mobile app development to web development to server-side technologies and everything in between.

We do it ALL.

What sets us apart from other development agencies is that we also act as your business mentors.

Think of us as your technical co-founders. We want your success as much as you do, and we will stop at nothing to make sure we get there - TOGETHER.

  • Gus Bruno,<p>Founder & Head of Commercialisation

    Gus Bruno,

    Founder & Head of Commercialisation

    Gus has been recognised globally as an award-winning performer and innovator.

    He's a business mentor, consultant, expert and above all - doting father.

  • Abdel Mohamed<p>Senior Startup Advisor

    Abdel Mohamed

    Senior Startup Advisor

    A serial start-up entrepreneur with a diverse background in apps.

    Expert in business and product strategy, and design and marketing.

  • Ivan Chu,<p> Senior Architect

    Ivan Chu,

    Senior Architect

    Ivan’s 19 years of experience in Software & Database Design covers banking & financial services, investment compliance, government agency and more.

  • Bikesh Maharjan,<p>Android Developer

    Bikesh Maharjan,

    Android Developer

    Bikesh is a professional with an Australian Masters of Information Technology.

    His passion is app and web development and developing learning games for kids.

  • Quino Cossio,<p>iOS Developer

    Quino Cossio,

    iOS Developer

    Quinto is an entrepreneur with studies in Business & Finance who has dedicated the last five years to developing a number of apps for the App Store.

Our Methodology

We established 'The Five Ds of Mobile Application Development', and we're damn proud of it.

This tried, tested and trusted engagement model for budding entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses doesn't just apply to mobile apps.

This means we can help you make the data-driven decisions that will maximise your return on investment as quickly as possible.

  • 01


    Grab a piece of paper, pull out the whiteboard marker and start sketching out all of your greatest digital desires.

    Here, your limits know no bounds.

  • 02


    Right from the outset, Super App Bros is committed to ensuring you’ve got all of your cash, resources and time in the right place.

    It’s time to define the minimum viable product.

  • 03


    Once we’ve tested our assumptions in the Define phase, our designers and developers embrace the user feedback to create a sleek, sexy and functional prototype solution to your problem.
  • 04


    In the development world, it’s key to remain agile and allow flexibility throughout the various stages of product development.

    We innovate, iterate, and ultimately deliver.

  • 05


    The show’s not over here, folks.

    Both before and after your app launch, we’ll provide the lean analytics and insights that will scale your startup to the divinity it deserves.

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Super App Bros simply exists to help appreneurs and businesses solve their customers’ problems.

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  • Strategic consultation and an actionable roadmap of your next steps